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Monika Osiecka

Monika Osiecka - Polish sculptress born in Milan.  She works on a regular basis at her studios in Warsaw and
Pomarance, Tuscany. She graduated from the Sculpture Dept. at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

(Grzegorz Kowalski studio - diploma in 1994). She studied Persian and Italian philology at the University of Warsaw,

and sculpture in Italy and Iran. Her experience with sculpture started with her fascination with the culture of Italy and Iran,

where she spent her youth. Osiecka creates abstract sculptures as well as figurative ones.

In 2021 she was commissioned to create a monument to Women of the Warsaw Uprising by the mayor of the city of Warsaw

and the Foundation for the Memory of the Insurgents of the Warsaw Uprising.
The official unveiling took place on Krasińskich Square in Warsaw on the 2nd Oct 2021.

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