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Studio Tafla

Studio Tafla is a mosaic lab founded by Agnieszka Drobiecka-Zielonka and Sergiusz Zielonka. The main concept of the studio's activity is to reactivate a forgotten field of art - mosaic, to tame it in interior spaces and make it more accessible. In reviving the mosaic, the creators try to give it modern features, such as mobility. This is achieved by enclosing the mosaics in steel frames by virtue of which the ceramic picture is not permanently attached to the wall, but can move with the owner.

The works combine a fascination with minimalism with geometry and modernism; a weakness for color and a quest for relationships between forms. The unique final effect is obtained through the use of a variety of raw materials, such as: dyed-through fine ceramics, smalt, glass, marble or recycled products. The issue of the materials remains an area open to experimentation by the creators. Designers also work with architects looking for unusual mosaic applications dedicated to a specific interior.

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