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Luiza Jaworska

Luiza Jaworska is a certified ceramist, specializing in decorative ceramic sculpture.
Lui & Clay is her original studio focusing on creativity, natural materials, frugal form and unique design.

The works are created by the author in short cycles.
“I create things that have an aesthetic function - they are mainly sculptures and vases, as well as decorative objects
dedicated to interiors. I consider the sculptural form and the idea behind the works as particularly important.
The materials I like to use are porcelain and clay, and I like to experiment with glazing and firing techniques
(lately my favorite technique is the traditional Japanese raku).

I like combining rare and precious materials - wood, ceramics and gold ”.
The objects from the CEREMONY OF TRANSITION series are works fired with the raku
technique. The idea behind their creation was the artist's cooperation with fire - the ritual
burning of the works in fire gave the white sculptural works a new expression,

creating unique patterns on the enamel surface.
Works of Luiza Jaworska can be found in art galleries and interior design showrooms in Warsaw and Amsterdam.

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