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Klaudia Choma

Klaudia Choma was born in 1988. She graduated from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

In 2015 she obtained her Master of Arts diploma at Professor Stanisław Baj’s Atelier, while gaining her supplement at Professor’s Jacek Darzyński’s Visual Structures Studio. She began her art studies in 2009 at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw at the Graphics Department at Professor Ryszard Osadczy’s Atelier. In 2017 she attended a course in Interior Design at the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (Polish Applied Arts Division).
Klaudia’s paintings can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad. The three main painting motives present throughout her work: architecture, furniture, and animals are portrayed in a melancholic, oniric mood. The first two themes respectively are inspired by the artist’s fascination with an underlying dimension of beauty, susceptible to deterioration and destruction.

The painter engages in a dialogue about traditional aesthetics, making the cracking walls of prewar tenement houses and castles the centre of her works. Devastation plays a creational role in her work – structural decomposition is shown as a process as much compelling as its creation. The artist displays a similar approach while depicting iconic furniture designs. The items undergo

a functional shift: from pragmatically-decorative to strongly emotional. The melancholic undertone of the paintings is the result of perceiving old forms as symbols of the ephemeral quality of time, which a keen observer can interpret as kudos to the romantic painting tradition.

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