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Joanna Mazuś

Joanna Mazuś – visual artist and art theorist working primarily in easel and monumental painting, not restricting herself only to plastic arts but also writing essays about philosophical-artistic reflections. Her entire creative activity is bound by the concept of metaphysical abstraction, which is focused on creating an intercultural visual language conducive to the exploration of all-human spirituality, which would not be limited by anyone’s background.
She was born in 1994 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Faculty of Painting). She got MFA degree with honours for the final master’s project created in studios of Prof. Andrzej Rysiński (painting) and Prof. Krzysztof Jabłonowski (second specialisation – photography). In the academic year of 2016/2017, she was an exchange student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Since 2016, she creates monumental polychromes and projects in collaboration with Krzysztof Sokolovski.

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