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Joanna Czajkowska

(Białystok, 1982)
Joanna graduated from the International Film Make-up School under the direction of Maria Ewa Dziewulska.

She has been painting for eight years. Since 2018, Joanna has been a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers PSU. Joanna is the author of numerous painting series. In the "StereoTYPKI" series, she focuses on capturing realistic silhouettes in a slightly surreal or abstract way. The earlier series, "The Procession of My Dreams," is a world of children's dreams, watched

as if through a keyhole. In her work, Joanna focused on her technique and the story conveyed within paintings. Joanna actively participates in collective and individual exhibition.

“StereoTYPKI” Series ( 2021)
This series of paintings focuses on interpersonal relationships. It also addresses our inherent contractions' impact on relationships with others. The author calls attention to the importance of contemporary stereotypes and how they impact our perception of others and the world surrounding us. "StereoTYPKI" represent common beliefs and perceptions that influence our view of the world and our understanding of what is socially correct. The small silhouettes and the main character portrayed in the paintings differ only in size and nothing else. That is to show that we can end up on both sides of the spectrum.

We can become a victim or a perpetrator of stereotypical thinking.

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