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Gaya Lastovjak

Gaya Lastovjak creating three-dimensional paintings with her own technique using paper mache, canvas and oil paint. Her works have been exhibited at many national and international exhibitions, including Italy, Austria, Spain, USA, Portugal, Monaco among others. She has shown her works at exhibitions such as 59th Venice Art Biennale, Monaco Contemporary Art Fair, Venanzo Crocetti Museum in Rome, Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid, VIII edition of the Rome Art Week (RAW) at the Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana, 14th Art Biennale in Florence and many others.

In addition, her art is featured in publications such as Photographize Arts Culture Magazine (USA), Suboart Magazine (Portugal) or The Woven Tale Press (New York) where one of the artist's paintings was featured on the cover of the magazine. Gaya Lastovjak is an award-winning artist. In 2022, she received first place twice, first in the Art Show International competition "Artist Grant – Spring" and later in the American Art Awards competition. In 2023, the highest distinction was the "Artist of the Month" award from the Camelback gallery and being among the eight awarded artists in the XIVth edition of the Itsliquid International competition. As of 2021, she has received about 30 international awards, distinctions and nominations.

Artist's most recent symbolic, three-dimensional paintings explore themes relating to the dualistic nature of man, she also engages in a dialogue with current events and phenomena. In addition, she is involved in sculpture / paper installations, performance and happening art.

The artist's most expensive painting so far was sold for 65,000 pln.

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