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Magdalena Nowatkowska

Magdalena Nowatkowska, born in 1982, M.A. degree graduate of the Institute of Design in Koszalin. She has worked for many years as an illustrator, graphic designer, designer of interiors, fashion and home accessories. About 30 paintings are currently in private collections in Poland and abroad.

After years of experimentation and keen observation of the world, she simplifies what is already very complicated. She is currently working on three series. She touches on difficult, existential themes. In return, he gives them a simple, clean, economical, linearform. The first cycle, initiated by Pandemic, is entitled. "Distance" is a series about emotions, confusion, interactions, energy, fear and reactions to incomprehensible, alien, contradictory messages. Their impact on human behavior. It's a series about people and their behavior, graphically reduced to simple geometric forms. It's an analysis of the vibrations between them, in different contexts and spaces.

In the series "Boundaries" he analyzes and examines the sense and senselessness of their existence. The series is a response to the surrounding phenomena. It began precisely around the disturbing reports of the war. It is a story about what he sees, feels and observes. A study of the relationship between men and women, between people. About the unprecedented powers they have. About what triggers a time of fear, of uncertainty. About how much you can do, and it turns out to be more than you think... It is an image of complementing, separating, interpenetrating, blurring of certain spaces. Those between the world of peace and the world of total chaos. It's a series about emotions. About overcoming obstacles. About possibilities and theirlack. About strength. About power and powerlessness. About closeness. About relationships. About powerlessness. About boundaries. About the meaning and senselessness of their existence. About people. Simply put.

The third and last series is "Dimensionless - Geometric Compositions" This is a smooth transition from the "Boundaries" series to geometric forms, compositions, forms simplified to the maximum.

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