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Helena Rajska

Helena Rajska-(born 1990) I started my artistic practice in 2003 in the ceramic studio of Rytis Konstantinavicius.

In 2014, I graduated with engineering degree in Architecture Engineer of Architecture with a specialization in the conservation and protection of monuments (PWSZ in Nysa). Currently, I live in Oslo, where I run my own painting and ceramics studio. Additionally I work in historic building conservation for a Norwegian company.

Artistic Manifesto:
On behalf of I, the highly sensitive entity, I manifest. I manifest through painting stories about human , his nature shrouded in fear and difficult experiences, and yet strong and relentless. I fight for emotions. Against taboos and for freedom to be yourself. Against hiding fears For courage to return from nothingness. I identify what is overwhelming. Life is an experience and I don't run away from it. I develop. I create.

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