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Beata Warda

 The "PETRI DISH" collection was created during the pandemic, the period when I was excluded from professional life.

The time spent in lockdown has awakened in me the desire to create again. The works in this collection are inspired by an object

present in each laboratory. By deconstructing the fabric, I try to reflect the effect of breeding microorganisms

formed in the vessel. The items I make are both an experiment and a trial at the same time.

I experiment with the fabric, its plasticity, resistance and structure.Trial - actually countless

the number of trials that scientists undertake in their laboratories every day - this is the topic of my actions.
It is not my intention to comment on today's situation. I would just like to introduce artistic fabric to the interiors

and evoke sensations that will allow their owners to immerse themselves in their own experiences, feelings and routines.

I want the recipient, succumbing to the impressions caused by the structure, light, material,

he asked himself simple questions about everyday life.

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