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Beata Walczak

Beata Walczak studied painting in the studio of Professor Łukasz Korolkiewicz at the Higher School of Art  in Warsaw. She defended her diploma in multimedia image under the supervision of prof. Andrzej Maciej  Łubowski, and her drawing annex was completed in the studio of dr. hab. Rafał Kochański. For many years  she has worked as an art director in a press publishing house, today she is a painter and graphic designer  specializing in design for print. She also illustrates books and magazines. She is the winner of the 1st prize  in the National Painting Competition “Light Sensitivity”. She presented her works at individual and  collective exhibitions in Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Lithuania and the USA. 
"Painting is a very important part of my life. What I paint is an individual path stemming from my personal  development and experiences. It is the effect of everything that has happened in my life. I draw inspiration 
from all areas of life, and my painting has always revolved around the world of women and nature. My first  preschool drawings always showed a tree and a girl, and so it remained. My paintings are about women,  and actually about myself – because I know myself best, and about my relations with the world. I admire  and support women, but I don’t focus on their looks, but the stories which build their lives.  I paint with acrylic and oil on canvas and sometimes on wood."

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