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Dominik Morgaś

In his works, he looks for a harmony of colors inspired by the observation of material reality and optical phenomena.

Dominik’s painting is characterized by high color sensitivity, which, as the author claims, is the most important feature of the painter. By adoring visual games of light and shadow and searching for colorful, harmonious combinations,

he tries to evoke in the viewer a sense of connection with the absolute and metaphysics.

He believes that art should be a portal that takes the recipient to dif-ferent states of sensitivity and perception.

By interacting with it, the viewer should enrich himself spiritually and develop internally.His paintings and musical activities place great emphasis on the abs-tract, not specific nature of the content. In a series of diploma digital graphics, he took up the subject of transcription of musical works into their visual equivalent, which was a milestone in his artistic creativity.

Since then, music and painting have been a coherent platform for artistic expression.

He is a participant of many group and individual exhibitions in Poland.

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